Monday, April 5, 2010

Charles - Now At Hospice

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This is a entry by Don, Charles' father.

Thank you for the many comments to Charles' last blog entry. They will ALL be read to him soon. ( Hey, Sarah A. -long time. )

Things move fast. We received a call this morning that a room was avaialble at Hopewell Hospice. The Hospice wanted to receive Charles today. Arrangements were made to get him transported at 3:30pm. We gathered moving boxes and headed up. Since Charles has been at OHSU for 3 and a half months and has sooooo many thoughtful friends, he has accumlated quite a bit. Well, the boxes overflowed and we had to use shopping bags.
The move went well overall. The ambulance was late and it took a while to get off the floor with the hugs and goodbyes with staff. We will MISS the OHSU, Kohler Pavilion, 14th Floor staff!!!
Once at the hospice Charles was quickly settled into Room 3. Being in a wooded area, Charles windows look out at tree scenery. While he was settling in there was a strong wind storm that blew through. We have been having winter weather to begin our spring.
Karlin will be staying at the hospice with Charles tonight. She will be on a cott in Charles' room.
Charles is restful and bright, yet his body weakens. We are happy that he can be in a place where his comfort and peace will be the first priority.
Again, we appreciate the love, support and prayers of our family and friends. They are many and we feel them with a calm that all will be well. dc


  1. Charles and Karlin, I woke up with you on my heart, checked the blog and was so happy to hear that Karlin was able to stay the night- what a gift! I pray you sense Jesus' divine comfort in a fresh way. He loves you so much! May the surrounding of Hopewell House give you peace in these days; our hearts are with you constantly! Lovingly, Monte and Lori

  2. Here is my second post to a blog. I guess I might know what I am doing. I know that you will like you new home. I hope that Karlin will be able to spend alot of time with you. The Accounting office is the same as usual. We are thinking good thoughts. God will be with you and Karlin. Lots of Love, Juanita

  3. Love you, Aaron and hugs to Karlin for her sweet, loving companionship! Sounds like Hopewell is a special place in a lovely area. May you rest well knowing you are loved so much by so many. Sending love and hugs..Uncle Lee and Aunt Pam :)

  4. Hi Charles. So glad to hear you made it safely to your new room at Hopewell and happy you have a nice new view of the trees. We are all missing you so much on 14K! Your patience, kindness and unforgettable laugh through this whole journey has truly been inspirational. You, Karlin and your family are (and will continue to be) in our thoughts and prayers. ~Natalie, night RN

  5. Chuck, we love you very much!

    Jonathan & Jessica

  6. Dearest Batman (aka Charles),

    We love you so much and are thinking about you every minute. Champ and Molly have a "meow" for you, too. We are hoping that this baby comes soon so we can come visit and the two of you can meet. Stay strong, Batman. Sending you (and Karlin and fmaily!) lots of love and hugs. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. I am thinking of you everyday. You are in my prayers and in my heart. I can not think that I have received a greater gift then your presence in my life. You are my warrior and leader onto the better things in life. Charles, thank you for sharing time and laughs. I will carry you forever in my heart. Thank you. karlin my love, your strength is boundless. To know love like you do with Charles, people search their whole life for. And yet yours came with a wonderful person name Charles. My the lord bless you both. My love to you Charles, Jennie B.